The Oscar Award-winning "TheFather" accurately depicts living with dementia for both the person with dementia and the caregiver. Each of us can feel that the effects of chronic disease are substantial and widespread. It affects all aspects of life. 

Once a person has a chronic disease, the pressure goes to the whole family. The illness is declaring a war on everyone in our family. 


 How to Fight Chronic Disease Like Hypertension As A Caregiver If Someone in Our Family Is Struggling With It? 


There are 4 pieces of advice for you:

  1. Basic understanding of how the disease will affect them physically. What treatments need to be taken usually? What are the side effects?
  2. Be prepared for the possible emotional changes from them. When someone’s Physical function is changed, the way they look at the world will change too. They will focus on “what they can’t do” more, and only looking at the negative side. You might be upset about their negative life attitude at the beginning. But they can’t help it. They are not familiar to deal with the disease either! 
  3. Help them manage their disease. No one can accompany another person 24/7. They must try to handle it by themselves even only for a while. They will feel more secure when they can manage their life on their own. 
  4. Life Attitude and family support are really important for a patient. And it is a difficult and long process. It consumes your patience but raises your courage. There is always a miracle that surprises science. As long as we are here for each other!


We understand how important accompany is when it comes to chronic disease. That’s why we developed “My Family” functions in our BPDoctor App 2.0. to help you stay connected with someone who needs care.


When you are on business travel or away for some reason, you can still check your family member's data. Simply go into our App, check the person you are following. It will show you their data including Blood Pressure, HRV, Sleep, Work out,, etc. from the last 30 days. 

You can also be followed by others in the "My Family" function. As a caregiver, your health is the basis of offering help to others. Besides, People who accept your care also want to take care of you. Even they are vulnerable most time. But they are the true warrior who is fighting with evil chronic disease. They are stronger than you can imagine in some way. It is the support for one other that makes our relationship into a benign circle. 

The distance can separate us physically, but the technology of YHE brings us together!