BpDoctor 2.0 App brings a new way to help you stay connected, active, and healthier.


Following and Followed 



One of the most surprising updates of BpDoctor App is now you can stay connected with people you care about. You can follow and check your family and friends’ health state like BP, HR, etc after they accept your following request. You can check the latest month's health data of them if you want. Meanwhile, you can choose to be followed! Get someone to remind you of your health, like do more excise or sleep earlier. It is very helpful if you easily forget to check your data regularly.


The Moment and The Year



You will find a new user interface of your BP, HR, Workout, Steps, Calories, and Sleep. Those options will break down into three main categories: Day, Week, Year. Each category will summarize and specify your relative health data. For instance, when you select your BP’s “Day”, BpDoctor App will show you the fluctuation range of your data and your BP at a specific moment. It is the same with “Week” and “Year”. You have all your health information, from moment to year.